Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Our Certified Scrum Product Owner® training will give you deep insights into agile planning, estimation und leadership for product owners, scrum masters, customers, product managers or sales consultants.

The participants of our product owner course will not only benefit from the various experiences of the different trainers, they will also get to experience the interaction and energy in the training.

After our Certified Scrum Product Owner® course, you will be able to lead your own agile project (with the help of your Scrum team) from the product vision to the successful completion – even beyond software development.

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Training contents

  • Tasks, rights and obligations of the product owner
  • Scrum overview
  • Creating products that delight your customers and users
  • Requirements: User Stories, Story Points and Business Value
  • Leading a self-organized team
  • Integrating quality - From specification to testing and acceptance
  • Line management, stakeholders and the Scrum team
  • Creating and prioritizing the product backlog
  • Estimating project duration, defining milestones
  • Progress check
  • Scaling: handling large projects
  • Contracts and the notorious fixed-price offer
  • The agile offer
  • The agile requirement specification - tendering agile projects
  • Communication and reporting
  • Scrum in the company: Process improvement and portfolios
  • Pitfalls: What can I do wrong as a product owner?
  • Insights into the topics Design Thinking or Lean Startup


After successfully completing the Certified Scrum Product Owner® course, the participants become Certified Scrum Product Owners® and in addition they will get a two-year membership of the Scrum Alliance®.



In our CSPO® trainings we have participants with a very different background: from Scrum newbies to those who already have practical experience with Scrum. Exchanging experiences is a key element of our course. In order to have a common basis to start the training with, we will provide you with some material in advance so you can prepare yourself for the course. Depending on your level of knowledge, this can take you 30 minutes to 4 hours. We only accept a maximum of 4 participants from the same company per training to ensure a better exchange of experiences for all participants.


What you get Xtra

  • Our trainers are very experienced and the participants benefit from their Xtra knowledge
  • We have a limited number of participants for each training, so every participant gets Xtra attention
  • Our trainers have many years of experience as product owners and can share an Xtra amount of knowledge and experience with the participants
  • Each participant gets an Xtra 1 hour telephone coaching after the training
  • After the training each participant gets access to an Xtra folder (documentation of all flipcharts, a lot of information about Scrum and agility and lots of nice photos from the training)
  • During the training our event team provides the participants with Xtra food (including breakfast, lunch, snacks and sweets) and hot and cold drinks
  • Before the training each participant receives an Xtra info email with many great videos and literature references to dive into the world of Scrum and Product Ownership
  • Xtra 16 or 24 Professional Units from the Project Management Institute are awarded to all participants who are Project Management Professionals
  • Xtra 16 or 24 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) are awarded by the Scrum Alliance for the CSP certification

Our customers love our trainings!

On average, the participants of our courses give us 9.6 out of 10 possible satisfaction points and would recommend us to friends and colleagues. Why? Our trainings are not a powerpoint show, but very interactive. The focus is on you as a participant and not us, the trainers. We apply many principles and practices of "Training from the BACK of the Room" (Sharon Bowman), which are very well suited to agile methods. Be prepared to be active and in motion!

„The training days were well prepared, participants were invited to make suggestions and ask questions at any time. Both the basics and PO roles were supported with many practical examples. There was a pleasant, interactive climate in which everyone could contribute.“

-Raphael Hess
Mobiliar Insurance

Course Language:

Please note that our trainings are conducted in German, English or Spanish. Please pay attention to this when booking.

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Andrea Bannuscher

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